I cannot articulate how blessed I feel after our session.

The healing I received from Sheila was truly transformational. She helped me release pain and grief that was weighing on my heart.  She so delicately tuned into my core issues and lifted my spirit within the first session.  Sheila is truly a magical being and my hope is that all healers receive the gifts that she was sent here to bestow upon us.  

 Sarah Fischer, Cassiopeia Healing Arts

Prescott, AZ

Sheila always cracks open my universe

“Every time Sheila works on me she alters my universe in profound, unseen ways.   I always feel so much Divine love that pours through the sessions that I leave feeling present, grateful, and transformed.  Her realness, honesty, and intuition have helped me be more in touch with my own inner guidance.  Thank you Sheila for your life changing work.” 

Jessica Hudson, Santa Fe, NM