Shamanic Healing

In Person:

Your body is the physical manifestation of your luminous energy field or aura. This field emits a vibration that is unique to you and reflects your current physical and emotional state. I will sense subtle variations within this field and adjust those vibrations to bring about a state of harmony. I will clear energies that do not match your natural state and enhance the energies that do match. You may feel subtle or powerful shifts in your luminous energy field, physical sensations, and emotional shifts during  your session that may continue for weeks afterward. Permanent changes in perception and enhanced clarity are common.

Treatments include:

Cord Cutting 

Energetic cords to others sap your energy and support negative thought patterns and behaviors. 

Mending Energetic Tears 

Unpleasant events or illness can cause rifts in your luminous energy field which lets invasive energy come into your energetic field. 

Soul Retrieval 

Traumatic events and accidents can cause soul fragmentation, where some of your energy disengages leading to a sense of incompleteness.

Removal of Blocks 

Energetic blocks cause imbalance, stagnation, and negative core beliefs. 

Clearing and harmonizing your luminous energy field brings clarity and a sense of peace and manifests as health in the body. 

Remote Healing:

Remote healing healing offers you the chance to receive a Shamanic healing session even though you can't visit me in my office. We will have a short phone conversation, then I will perform a healing for you while you rest quietly.