Sheila Rasmussen

A natural curiosity of what lies beyond normal perception has led me on an adventure spanning many years. In 2006 I began experiencing Shamanic journeys to alternate realities which led me to participate in an intensive led by Michael Harner. This opened my senses to the unlimited possibilities of psychic intuition and the Shamanic path of life. 

My search for the connection between the spiritual and psychological aspects of human experience led me to Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. There I received a Bachelor’s degree in Contemplative Psychology with a double concentration in Health and Healing and Somatic Psychology. I also studied Plant Spirit Medicine under Marlowe Brooks, where I learned to communicate with plants and summon their spirits to help heal. From Boulder I was called to Santa Fe, New Mexico which has provided the sacred space for richer intuitive development and support as I learn to live in the way of the Shaman. The special energy of Santa Fe, along with the tutelage of Shaman Jean Dominguez has led me to become a full mesa carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition of Shamanism.